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Babyplayz is dedicated to help in the development of your baby. Just like you, your baby’s health and joy is our top priority.

We believe children’s products should be varied, interesting, and most importantly helpful for them. That’s why we sell our products from a pedagogical point of view, and with the support of a paediatric team to choose the best and most helpful products for the right development of babies. These selection of products vary between toys and general care products in areas like hygiene, sleep or alimentation. As an E-Commerce platform, our mission is to offer products that can be bought easily anywhere anytime, and no matter how much you spend on our platform, it’s free shipping.

Beside selling products we also try to be a trustworthy source of information for parents in diverse topics like health in babies, news about new tendencies, breastfeeding, child development, self-esteem in kids, etc. You can read about it in our blog.
And we also post useful tips for parents in our social media.

Customers Experience

Manuel Roldán

This children’s book is magic! You would think that is such a simple thing to give a child, but he loves it. Whenever I play the songs…

Inés Fernandez

My mom gave it to me for my birthday, because I told her we were having problems on getting the baby to sleep and…

Daniela Carbajosa

I bought ir for my baby a few weeks ago and it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. He likes playing with the different…

Rodrigo Rivas

My sister gave us this gym as a gift and my daughter just loves it. She is really intrigued about the piano. She can be there for hours…